Unlike conventional pharmaceutical products, which are usually produced from  synthetic materials by means of reproducible manufacturing techniques and procedures, herbal medicines are prepared from materials of herbal origin, which  are often obtained from varied geographical and/or commercial sources. As a result it may not always be possible to ascertain the conditions to which they may have been subjected.

In addition, they may vary in composition and  properties. Furthermore, the procedures and techniques used in the manufacture  and quality control of herbal medicines are often substantially different from those employed for conventional pharmaceutical products.

For this reason, application of GMPs  in the manufacture of herbal medicines is an essential tool to assure their quality.

By recognizing what integrated supply chain means for our customers and always prioritizing it as the most important initiative. In order to audit Herbal Medicinal Product manufacturing facilities we use the guidelines from several International regulatory authorities. Our GMP auditors who have Lead Auditor Certificates have an extensive knowledge and competence in Herbal Medicinal Products.

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