Let’s Prepare for A GMP Internal Audit – Part I

Be prepared

A GMP Internal Audit’s success often hinges on preparation. Generally, an extensive GMP Internal Audit requires considerable preparation to identify opportunities for mutual gain. Before a GMP Internal Audit begins, you should make sure that you know the procedures better than the supervisor of the department being Audited.

Poor preparation wastes time and can make you look like a phony. Don’t embarrass yourself by pointing out discrepancies that aren’t really problems. You should also make sure that the time chosen for the GMP Internal Audit is convenient for the supervisor. A good working relationship is built on trust, and one way to enhance that trust is by being punctual. No one appreciates having his or her time wasted. Being prepared and on time are common courtesies that, if overlooked, will likely guarantee that the GMP Internal Audit will get off to a bad start.

…To be Continued