Turkish ‘BloodStopper’ drug ready for export

Turkey has long-sought to heal wounds in conflict zones around the world, and with a new locally-produced drug, Ankaferd BloodStopper, it will now be able to do just that. Ankaferd BloodStopper is a coagulant agent touted as Turkey’s first fully domestic medicine.

“We are about to conclude negotiations with a number of countries, including Germany [for exports],” he told the Demirören News Agency. Fırat explained that Turkey has long been accustomed to importing the raw materials needed for pharmaceuticals and repackaging them for sale, but that the company is determined to reverse this trend.

Ankaferd, in fact, came about as the result of a family company having tried to turn a traditional medicine used for generations, into something available on the market. The antihemorrhagic drug was created 12 years ago using a herbal extract which has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Two years ago, the company received a production license from the Health Ministry and Ankaferd has since been cited in more than 300 scientific articles. Fırat claims that foreign pharmaceutical companies have sought to buy the patenting rights for the drug, offering “billions of dollars” but that they have rejected all bids.

Source: Daily Sabah Turkey