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New Biotechnology Valley In Istanbul

Turkey is establishing a new biotechnology valley in the Tuzla district of Istanbul, with the foundation of the project set to be laid within six months. The TL 12 billion project will contribute to the production of pharmaceuticals and high-value export materials and provide jobs for 30,000 people.

UCB to invest €300 million

UCB to invest €300 million creating 150 new jobs in new biotech plant International bio-pharmaceuticals company UCB, based in Brussels, is to invest €300 million in a new biotechnology plant in Braine l’Alleud in Walloon Brabant, creating 150 new jobs. The company already employs 1,800 people at the site south of Brussels.

FDA approves Ebola vaccine with 100% success rate

In a move that could save countless lives, the FDA has approved a vaccine designed to combat Ebola with a truly incredible success rate. The drug, called Ervebo, has proven itself in Ebola-devastated areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and while cases of Ebola are uncommon in the United States, it’s a powerful […]

Sartorius enters collaboration with German AI research centre

The collaboration is experimentally testing use of AI in Sartorius products and platform solutions. Sartorius and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) have established the Sartorius AI Lab (SAIL) research laboratory. The collaboration is experimentally testing the use of AI in Sartorius products and platform solutions.

How The Cloud Can Solve Life Science’s Big Data Problem

These days, biotech R&D is as much a data problem as a science problem. Here’s why: in the past decade, the exploding field of synthetic biology has done an incredible job solving the scientific challenges of making biology easier to engineer. I have written about how tools like gene editing, synthesis, sequencing, and automation are […]